Robert G. Perlmuter MD, FACP

Concierge Physician

I offer a Concierge Program for an additional fee that allows me the time a physician needs to provide you with personalized care and a level of attention and service that I believe are so important. From punctual and unhurried visits to telephone contact and wellness programs designed to keep you fit and healthy, my Concierge Program offers the extra service that many of my patients and their families are seeking.

Learn more about my Concierge Program by calling (773) 871-4409..

Benefits of my Concierge Program:

  • Extended, unhurried office visits so that you have time to ask all your questions
  • No more than two appointments per hour during concierge hours meaning little to no wait time
  • Same day or next day appointments – your health care needs can be met quickly and conveniently
  • Availability 24-hours a day, seven days a week – you’ll always be able to reach me in case of emergency
  • Family medical review—I can schedule meetings or telephone contact with you and your family so that you can be sure you fully understand your medical needs
  • Insurance claim facilitation by my staff

Learn more about my Concierge Program by calling (773) 871-4409.

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